29 de enero de 2010

Ética en la Piratería

¿Alguna vez te haz preguntado qué es lo que sostiene la cadena de producción que crea la música que consumes? ¿Te haz preguntado si ésos recursos son sustentables?

The Myth of DIY
Toward a Common Ethic on Piracy
by Chris Ruen • July 2009

If you find meaning and beauty from a musician's work and you want them to continue creating it -- then you are obliged to support them. If you like the idea of record stores, the people they employ, the values and spirit they promote -- then you are obliged to support them. If you're consistently doing one without the other, then on some level you, not Metallica, are the asshole. Out of basic politeness, I (probably) won't say any of this to your face and neither will your friends, your record store clerk, or your favorite band.

But it is the truth.