1 de marzo de 2007

Estructura Social de las Vanguardias Artísticas

Simon Reynolds en su repaso a lo más acá del 2006 hace un análisis del proceso social y estético del Dubstep, Noise y el Drone Metal y rinde tributo a sus campeones: Burial y sunn o)))
Metal's rise to the forefront of hipster consciousness seems symbolic. If all art aspires to the condition of music, then you might say that all art-music vanguards now aspire to the condition of metal. Recruiting a fresh crop of "soldiers of darkness" each year, metal represents a model of subcultural stamina over the long haul (while also holding the possibility of erupting into the mainstream every seven years or so). If noise and dubstep don't envy metal's infrastructural stability and the fanatical loyalty it commands, they should.