27 de mayo de 2008


Un consejo para ajustar el threshold de los compresores. En el foro Looptalk de Image Line:
I would say that taking time to understand the why and how behind compression will answer that question for you.

However in the quick-fix easy-answer something-for-nothing tradition of modern society, here is a method to set the threshold of the compressor.

Set your ratio to the highest it will go.
Set you attack and release to the lowest they will go.
Set knee to hardest (if compressor you have has this).
Position mouse over the threshold control and hold left mouse button.
Then CLOSE YOUR EYES. I found this the most important step. You can get so bogged down with oscilloscopes and 'perfect threshold values' that you don't listen with your ears, instead you just listen with your eyes, which isn't good.
Slowly reduce the threshold until the sound starts noticeably becoming reduced by the compressor.
Then open you eyes and reduce the ratio value so that the sound starts to become a bit more natural again.
Then set attack and release as necessary (really depends on what you are compressing and the tempo of you track etc).

This method seems to work for me. Remember also that changing the input level will change the required threshold so if you change this you will have to change the threshold again.
Este método funciona muy bien cuando se desea un cambio en el carácter del sonido con la compresión.

Para un tutorial avanzado con ejemplos ver el tutorial Compressor/limiter de Moshe Wohl.