1 de marzo de 2007

¿Qué es Babylon?

¿Qué quiere decir Manu Chao con "perdido en el corazón de la grande Babylon"? ¿Qué quiere decir Fidel con "abajo Babilonia perversa"?

En el artículo The Roots of Babylon se explica la historia y el uso reggae-rasta del concepto Babylon:
By labeling the source of their own oppression as"Babylon", the Rastas shed more light on the fact that opression is in fact taking place. This definitive name gives the oppression that they face a center, or a heart, which can be targeted easier. Instead of saying"Injustice must fall","Poverty must be alleviated", or"Jamaican legislation must represent its people", a Rasta need only say"Babylon must fall". When this centralized, encompassing word is used, it provides the Rasta with a target to be passionately against, and increases his sense of unity with his people.