14 de marzo de 2012

Descarga esto:

El EP de Melvins: "The Bulls & The Bees". Haciendo gala de su monstruosa alineación con 2 baterías.

En el video puedes ver la bellísima guitarra de aluminio Electrical Guitar Company del Major Osbourne:

Y sus consejos para jóvenes rockeros:
Start writing songs as soon as you possibly can. It’s great if you can do guitar gymnastics, but how do you work that into a song. There are all these guitar hero guys on the covers of the guitar magazines every month … They’re amazing, but you can’t think of one single song they ever wrote. I have no interest in that. Whenever you pick up a guitar, think about writing songs. Practice singing, too.

If you need to practice lead guitar that’s what you do sitting in front of the TV. Don’t be a sideman, be the guy who writes the songs. Be the guy who writes the checks, not the guy who cashes them after he does.

I play guitar to play in a band, to write music. And that is all communication, and that is what you’re supposed to do.