7 de junio de 2011

1-10-100... Inovación

Peter Tu en el blog de investigación de GE describe el método de Stephen Voltz y Fritz Grobe para la inovación aplicada al arte del performance:
Their method follows the 1-10-100 principle.

It takes one experiment to spark a concept.
By experiment 10 one should have fleshed things out and have defined a direction.
By experiment 100 one hopes to have found something that is sublime.

The four rules that they espouse are:

1) seek variation – explore the possibilities.
2) be obsessive – keep focused until one finds something special.
3) be stubborn – don’t give up until you work through the problems.
4) set limits and work within them – unconstrained innovation meanders and wonders, only by setting limits does it force one to dive into the depths of a concept.

Their thoughts are somewhat reminiscent of “Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance”, where the key idea is to have an obsession with quality and to always have a good pot of coffee close at hand.