15 de diciembre de 2009


Sunn 0))) opina sobre la reamplificación en la revista Guitar Player:


It's shocking how much you can mod out your amp by only changing the preamp tubes. You can get an incredible range of levels and harmonic overtones.

GW: You're playing music that requires high-output amps and creates subsonic frequencies. What challenges does that present as far as the recording setup?

ANDERSON: It's a challenge to record. The main thing with this record (Monoliths and Dimensions) was to make it sound vibrant and live. All of the heavy stuff was tracked at full volume. Re-amping is something we learned a few years ago on Black One. Since we have no drummer and no meter, it's really frustrating to overdub. So what we do is track everything clean, and afterward we can send those clean tracks back through the amps to create the sound we want.