25 de febrero de 2009

Leonard Cohen, Super Yogui

El NYT publica un perfil de Leonard Cohen.

L. Cohen opina sobre el dinero:
“It was a long, ongoing problem of a disastrous and relentless indifference to my financial situation, I didn’t even know where the bank was.”
sobre el estar en un escenario:
“That is my yoga.”
sobre las similitudes entre una gira y la vida en un monasterio:
“There’s a similarity in the quality of the daily life. There’s just a sense of purpose. A lot of extraneous material is naturally and necessarily discarded,” and what is left is a “rigorous and severe” routine in which “the capacity to focus becomes much easier.”
porqué se retiró de los escenarios:
“too much red wine”
sobre los derechos de sus canciones:
“My sense of ownership with these things is very weak. It’s not the result of spiritual discipline; it’s always been that way. My sense of proprietorship has been so weak that actually I didn’t pay attention and I lost the copyrights on a lot of the songs.”
sobre el significado de sus canciones:
“(some of them are) muffled prayers. It’s difficult to do the commentary on the prayer. I’m not a Talmudist, I’m more the little Jew who wrote the Bible. I feel it doesn’t serve the enterprise to really examine it from outside the moment.”
acerca del Zen:
“(has helped me to learn to) stop whining”
acerca de las decisiones:
“All these things have their own destiny; one has one’s own destiny. The older I get, the surer I am that I’m not running the show.”
Jennifer Warnes, the singer whose 1986 recording of “Famous Blue Raincoat” helped revive interest in Mr. Cohen at a time when he was out of critical favor, said: “He has investigated a lot of deities and read all the sacred books, trying to understand in some way who wrote them as much as the subject matter itself. It’s for his own healing that he reaches for those places. If he has one great love, it is his search for God.”