20 de noviembre de 2007

Robots en el Estudio

Richard Kruspe de Emigrate y Rammstein. El científico loco del microfoneo de guitarras eléctricas:
Are you someone who enjoys experimenting with new equipment?

Completely. I’m one of those guys who loves to try new things out. I try out also preamps, and I think I tried out every preamp on this planet out. I definitely like new sounds. It takes a lot of time. One of the big issues I have is the guitar that you run up to the cabinet to your mic. What you have to do is get the sweet spot. You have to move the guitar to the microphone sometimes just half an inch. So for weeks, we would have to move it left, then right. I was so tired of going up and down! If you go up in sound, it can change all that you’re doing. I can’t just run around, up and down up and down.

I was looking for something like a mic stand that is basically controlled with a joystick. Nobody had it, so I went to a friend of mine in Berlin and explained my problem. He said, “I know someone that can sell this to you.” We both basically built a guitar mic stand that, from a control room, you can move the microphone stand up and down. You can have it different angles on the microphone. I can basically save 15 presets on my control. The other thing is the microphone also works as an equalizer. So that was a big, big help.