20 de julio de 2007

Todo lo que querías saber acerca de música digital...

está en este libro y es gratis:

Digital Music – DIY Now!
A guide to making a living making music out of your backpack, from anywhere, and everywhere.
by Michael W. Dean and Chris Caulder
Released under Creative Commons, attribution and share-alike license (Cc-by-sa). ISBN: 0-9705392-4-X

DIY (also sometimes written as “D.I.Y.”) means “Do it yourself!”
It means not waiting for some corporation to come along and give you permission to practice your craft.
In days of old (ten years ago and more), in order to get good sounding recordings, you needed to go to a recording studio (usually 50-300 dollars an hour) and hire an engineer (an additional 50-300 dollars an hour) and buy large reels of multitrack tape (about 150 dollars for an hour’s worth.)
Today, advances in technology have enabled you to do all this with a home computer (often under $1000), a good sound card (under $300) and a good microphone (under $300).
And if you’re not recording actual instruments or voices, and just making the sounds all on your computer with software, you can skip the good soundcard and mike.
Once you’re set up with this system, there is no per-session fee. It’s all free. And that frees you up to take your time and not race your creativity against a clock that bleeds out your cash with every tick.