14 de mayo de 2007

Una Buena Patada

How To Record The Perfect Kick Drum Sound
Quick, think fast: What is the most important drum sound in the entire kit? The one sound that partially defines the genre of music you're recording, the one that makes the most impact, both literally and figuratively? Your answer should be the kick, or bass, drum.
Para afinar la puntería, está el artículo en la revista Electronic Musician: Equalizers: Equal time
The Bonham kick drum is the quintessential rock drum sound,” Martin explains. “I usually obtain it by boosting the frequencies between 120 and 240 Hz by about 4 dB or more. You’ll also need to roll off everything above 1.5 kHz. Sometimes, depending on the drum, you also might want to notch out 80 Hz a bit-not too much, just by 1 or 2 dB. Then add a little bit of 60 Hz, but again, just by about 2 or 3 dB.