30 de marzo de 2007

Demos en Línea

SonyBMG deletes demo CDs, logs onto blogs
By Gavin Haycock

LONDON (Reuters) - Thinking of sending your band's demo CD to a music label in the hope of landing a deal? Don't try SonyBMG, who want to sample your music online instead.

SonyBMG, the world's second-biggest music company, said that from Monday it would no longer accept hard copy formats.

Instead, budding musicians will be asked to sign up to a record label Web site such as www.columbiademos.co.uk or www.rcademos.co.uk to blog their music, photos and videos.

"Blogging is clearly one of the major trends in music, media and entertainment," said SonyBMG's UK and Ireland Music Entertainment Chairman and Chief Executive Ged Doherty.